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We have introduced a formal Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This includes providing all necessary training for our employees to ensure they understand the risks and work in a safe and healthy manner at all times. The system is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains updated, relevant and appropriate.

Our safe work practices are designed to prevent injury and ill health, and we are continuously improving the effectiveness of our system. We also network with other leading companies with active health and safety programs to share best practice information, and we work to raise awareness of ongoing hazards and issues the construction industry faces.


Al-Toukhi Company is firmly committed to operating its facilities and projects in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations. Our goal is to provide an injury free work environment in which, the facility and project are free of foreseen hazards; and where people, equipment and the environment are not exposed to an unreasonable risk of injury or damage.

Safety Policy

Al-Toukhi Company's philosophy is that safety must be planned into all of our activities.

Quality and productivity are critical to our operations but they will never take precedence over safety.

Al-Toukhi Company's safety program is focused on achieving ZERO health, safety and environmental incidents and promotes performance that minimizes health and safety risks to our clients, our employees, the public and the environment.

Through the safety program, each employee can stop a work activity that presents a danger to himself, other employees or the public.

HSE Management System

Al-Toukhi has established an Environmental Health & Safety management system to reduce the liability and risk of environmental incidents, occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities at Al-Toukhi project sites and facilities. Following a Plan, Do, Check, Act model, the program ensures our businesses contain the key elements for success:

  • Management leadership and employee participation
  • Planning
  • Implementation and operation
  • Evaluation and corrective action
  • Management review


HSE Performance Records

 As part of Al-Toukhi Company's commitment for an effective HSE Management System, HSE performance indicators must be focused on what is important to achieve objectives.

 As HSE performance indicators are built into the HSE Management System, performance metrics become a system which will generate organizational behaviors that comply with what is measured.

 The typical HSE performance indicators characteristics for Outcome Targets which represent the Reactive Monitoring are shown below:


Safety Policy

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